Thursday, 8 November 2007 My New Website is up!!!!

Hi there,

I am proud to present you !

My new own website with tons of downloadable clips and pics of hot shiny pantyhose encasement, masking and pantyhose & zentai sex!

After soo much work I have done on the page, I hope you like and join it! Please check it out at

Hot Pantyhosed Kisses, NylonMichelle


Exidor108 said...

УРА!!!! ПОЗДРАВЛЯЮ!!!! :)))

Like Ra said...

Hi NylonMichelle,

A Q regarding the photo. What PH are you wearing there? It it the old-style Wolford Fatal? I do remember a big discussion about a photo on which a girl was wearing similar pantyhose.

Like Ra

NylonMichelle said...

Like Ra,

indeed this is a Wolford Fatal Neon, but one that didnt made it to the shops. It was just sold over the internet some years ago :-)



Like Ra said...

Ah, I see. That's why I've never seen them in any Wolford boutiques...
But on the other hand the whole Wolford Fatal Neon line is discontinued.